HOSOMAKI SUSHI for gourmets. Series Menu For Tomorrow by Maryna Masel @2020

Menu For Tomorrow

We imagine our future in a kindly light, but will it really be so...

Ratatouille. Series Little Culinary Stories by Maryna Masel @2019


Thats how looks the freedom of form from context

Dependent Status. Series Chasing a Happiness by Maryna Masel @2020

Chasing A Happiness

All his life human beings are in motion - in the pursuit of happiness

Ghosts of the Past

Every object has its own past and its own life story

Curious Child. Series Like The Human by Maryna Masel @2019

Like the Human

Not only human is inherent in character...

Series Silent Landscapes by Maryna Masel @2018-2019

Silent landscapes

This series is about finding emotional calm

Maryna Masel photography © 2021