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I'm Maryna Masel

Maryna Masel selfportrait 2018

I’m photo artist, living and working in Kyiv, Ukraine.

If you are here it means that we have something in common: we both in love with photography as a form of art.

Photography for me is the way to express my vision of a world through visual images. Often we don’t have the words to convey our thoughts or feelings, and sometimes words just only land the flight of thought or distort its essence. Thats why we, both grownups and kids, love “pictures” so much ))


I’m not one of those who dreamed of being a photographer almost since birth. Camera ended up in my hands by chance in adulthood. Although as they say nothing happens by chance… And as a result of this “chance” i said goodbye to my previous business and immersed myself into the new world of creativity. Since then, photography is my passion, and even now in my dreams i often hold a camera in my hands and catch a focal point ))


Why a photo artist, not a photographer? Because in my art-works you’ll see not one or another event, not captured by me moment in time in its original form. You’ll see thought-forms, sensation, the ones images to which it is sometimes difficult to find words.

My art-works contain real objects with their actual physical properties, as well as various illusions that violate the physics laws. This is the way i want to show that the world around us is not limited only to the framework of perception in usual context. It is much more extensive and can take on completely different forms and interpretations. Just let your imagination to see familiar things in a new way.


swpa 2021 - Sony World Photography Awards Professionals

SHORTLIST (TOP 10) in category Still Life


Female Ukrainian Photographers 2021



5th 35awards

3rd Place in 100 GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS. “Conceptual Photo”


Exhibition "Torture. Human. Life"

Kyiv, Ukraine


Maryna Masel photography © 2021