Ghosts of the past

We live in world of things.
Some of them we use in everyday life and throw them away when they lost their functionality or expire. We perceive many things as nothing more than consumables. And some objects we carefully keep "to remember" because they contain something bigger: they remind of past moments, favorite places or important persons in our life.


"... I brought these stones from the Red sea..."
"... this key chain was given to me by my sweetheart..."
"... this book brings me to memories of that trip in 2008..."

... and so on to infinity


And such things aren't just items from our everyday life, they become something particular for us. They come alive and talk with us. They tell us stories from our past.


But each such object has its own past and its own life story. And so as like humans, all of these stories are completely different: cute and tragic, teachable and pointless, fleeting and endless, with the continuation or without...


We live in world of alive things.

They can tell us a lot, you just start this dialogue...